Dead Cells Banner
Dead Cells
This was probably my favorite game of 2018, though since it's also a very challenging title it won't be for everyone. I ...
Moving Out 2 Banner
Moving Out 2
While mostly staying true to the formula of the original, there’s just enough new polish and fun to make it worth a fresh look
This is simply a nautical adventure that continues to surprise, somehow both placid and often tense, routine and yet full of nasty surprises
Skul: The Hero Slayer Banner
Skul: The Hero Slayer
As a die hard fan of roguelikes perhaps it isn’t surprising that I’ve found Skul to be a great challenge and a good bit ...
Spelunky 2 Banner
Spelunky 2
It’s always a bit tricky to release both an original game and its sequel at the same time, but in the case of Spelunky 2...
Dicey Dungeons Banner
Dicey Dungeons
OK, so perhaps at this point the concept of a deck-building strategy roguelike has been played out a bit… but what if yo...
The Legend of Tianding Banner
The Legend of Tianding

While there have been quite a number of side-scrolling action/brawlers this year, for the most part they’ve bee...

Ultimate Chicken Horse Banner
Ultimate Chicken Horse
If your goal is to get a group of friends laughing, yelling, and throwing down smack talk, this is a great choice
Killer Frequency Banner
Killer Frequency
While perhaps its VR-ish setting is only minimally functional, the parts that deliver like the voice acting, suspense, and humor work wonderfully
Worms W.M.D Banner
Worms W.M.D

In the end I must say that I’m extremely impressed with the level of care and effort that has been put into mak...

Lamentum Banner
I’m sad to say that more often than not, on the Switch, games pushing “horror” in some way have struggled and failed in ...
While I’ve generally heard good things about the Earth Defense Force series, to date it’s one that I’ve never had the pl...
Ugly Banner
While mechanically it can be tricky at times as you work through larger puzzles, the dynamic nature of your mirror works nicely
Ten Dates Banner
Ten Dates
This well-timed release drops you into the bumpy ride of looking for love, as you try to make a positive impression on a variety of dates
Kao the Kangaroo Banner
Kao the Kangaroo

While there’s no question that the traditional mascot platformers for the most part went the way of the dinosau...

The Oregon Trail Banner
The Oregon Trail
The educational classic, with a few upgrades of note, remains challenging and more insightful than ever
Cat Cafe Manager Banner
Cat Cafe Manager
When it comes to things like business sims there’s a tendency, once you’ve played enough, for them to feel a bit indisti...
Klang 2 Banner
Klang 2
When it comes to music and rhythm games there are those titles that take a familiar road, often mapping buttons to speci...
Youtubers Life 2 Banner
Youtubers Life 2
While the original YouTubers Life was certainly novel there was just something about it that felt more one-dimensional t...
AO Tennis 2 Banner
AO Tennis 2
Let’s face it, when it comes to sports titles, let alone more serious sports sims, the Switch library is a bit of a wast...
Blasphemous Banner
From first glance during a Direct there was no question that Blasphemous, visually, was something pretty special. With a...
Pixel Cafe Banner
Pixel Cafe
A story with some heart helps to somewhat elevate what otherwise is generally another variation on time management
Batora: Lost Haven Banner
Batora: Lost Haven
With its combat forcing you to move between a twin-stick shooting style and slashing, Batora manages to keep itself interesting and varied
Chef Life: A Restaurant Simulator Banner
Chef Life: A Restaurant Simulator
Depending on what you’re looking for in your cooking sim this will either sizzle or get sent back
The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie Banner
The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie
While the visuals and flashy style of the series have continued to evolve nicely, the story will probably be inaccessible for the uninitiated
Bravery and Greed Banner
Bravery and Greed
There are elements of this roguelike action game that work, but one critical one that lets the rest down
9 Years of Shadows Banner
9 Years of Shadows
Undoubtedly giving off a feel of earlier days of grand environments, hacking, and slashing, but missing a spark to go next level
The Knight Witch Banner
The Knight Witch
Combining Metroidvania concepts with some twin-stick shooting, The Knight Witch swings big… and gets on base
Manifold Garden Banner
Manifold Garden

Part of my love for indies is that the best of them dare to be different and then unapologetically deliver something ...

Rise: Race The Future Banner
Rise: Race The Future

Since there’s a general lack of racing games on Switch, in particular those that aren’t cart racers of so...


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