Hades Banner
OK, so I’ll admit the folks at Supergiant Games (behind the favorites Bastion and Transistor in particular) had me with ...
Dead Cells Banner
Dead Cells
This was probably my favorite game of 2018, though since it's also a very challenging title it won't be for everyone. I ...
Neon White Banner
Neon White
Right out of the gate, the highest compliment I can pay Neon White is how quickly its tight controls and smart design ca...
Neon Abyss Banner
Neon Abyss
If you're up for a challenge, tons of power-ups, and bullets everywhere...
Cuphead Banner
With a mix of brutal boss battles and challenging run and gun sections Cuphead is notorious for being a tough game. Whil...
The Messenger Banner
The Messenger
Possibly one of the best retro console titles I've ever played, The Messenger actually feels like a collection of multip...
Hollow Knight Banner
Hollow Knight
Another one of the titles I didn't originally review for the system, this is another one of those games that would be cr...
Celeste Banner
While not a game I formally reviewed for the system this is one of those titles that can't be omitted since it is both t...
Wulverblade Banner

Full of technique, nuance, and some very challenging boss fights Wulverblade has established a new gold standard in w...

Cursed to Golf Banner
Cursed to Golf
This roguelike golfing title thoroughly proves that sports titles are ripe for conversion if they can all be this good
OlliOlli World Banner
OlliOlli World
Given the overall lack of sports-oriented titles on the Switch in general, let alone from indie developers, it’s always ...
Super Mombo Quest Banner
Super Mombo Quest
There’s nothing quite as satisfying in the indie games space than to stumble onto something that immediately feels prett...
Tails Of Iron Banner
Tails Of Iron
This is a title that hit me a bit out of nowhere, took my lunch money, and is now making me earn it back one challenging...
Curious Expedition 2 Banner
Curious Expedition 2
For me Curious Expedition 2 is everything I look for in a sequel outing. It delivers a bit more quirk and color in its c...
Ori and the Will of the Wisps Banner
Ori and the Will of the Wisps

When reviewing games in general I try to carefully avoid hyperbole and excessive exuberance whenever possible. To tha...

West of Dead Banner
West of Dead
While there are many roguelike shooters on the Switch (and quite a few of them are absolutely terrific) none of them pla...
Ms. Splosion Man Banner
Ms. Splosion Man
I'd heard of this title before but nothing could prepare me for just how weirdly, brilliantly silly it all is. While in ...
Hyper Light Drifter -Special Edition Banner
Hyper Light Drifter -Special Edition
The first thing to know is that the only way to digest the game’s story is through still images and small in-game moment...
A Robot Named Fight Banner
A Robot Named Fight
If Nintendo were to decide to turn the Metroid series into a roguelike it would likely end up looking quite a bit like A...
Super Meat Boy Banner
Super Meat Boy
One of the original poster children of brutally challenging platforming is now on the Switch and he's as tough as ever. ...
Swordship Banner
Fan of arcade-like intensity and a tough-but-fair level of challenge should really dig this unique roguelike dodge-em-up
Rogue Legacy 2 Banner
Rogue Legacy 2
One of the OG roguelike classics has been given an overhaul but retains its unusual charms and challenges
Cult of the Lamb Banner
Cult of the Lamb
The folks at Devolver certainly have a type and know how to pick weird but excellent indies, striking gold again
Tunic Banner
Undoubtedly the most well-crafted “tough Zelda” game out there, with tons to discover and learn (usually the hard way)
Death's Door Banner
Death's Door

Opening with a pretty minimal understanding of what’s going on, Death’s Door gets off to a bit of a rocky...

Has-Been Heroes Banner
Has-Been Heroes

It seems appropriate include this first game I reviewed for the system and prepared a pretty extensive tips and trick...

Sifu Banner
If you’re a huge fan of beat-em-ups or crazy martial arts action Sifu delivers, but you’ll need to work for it!
Aces of the Luftwaffe - Squadron Banner
Aces of the Luftwaffe - Squadron

The classic arcade shooter 1943 and its many variants are among my favorites of all time and Aces does an incredible ...

Thumper Banner

As has been the case with quite a number of games I’ve enjoyed on the Switch to date I would gladly recommend T...

While there’s a learning curve to its style and upgrade systems, this neuvo retro shooter is compelling
Mecha Ritz: Steel Rondo Banner
Mecha Ritz: Steel Rondo
Old-school vertical shooting meets some welcome alterations in this well-made modern retro classic
Graceful Explosion Machine Banner
Graceful Explosion Machine

What fascinates and has surprised me about GEM, it that it somehow has created a serene experience for more casu...

Souldiers Banner
Originally impressed by my time with it when I played the demo for it from Steam Next Fest, Souldiers is a Metroidvania ...
Zombie Army 4: Dead War Banner
Zombie Army 4: Dead War
The Sniper Elite series has been a pretty consistent source of stealthy Nazi body count accumulation on the Switch, and ...
Steel Assault Banner
Steel Assault
Run-and-gun shooters were absolutely a consistent staple in the arcades and on consoles back in the day, and that puts a...
Spelunky Banner
One of the last OG indie titles to finally come to Switch, Spelunky promptly gave me a nice slap in the face to remind m...
Mushihimesama Banner
While there are certainly more modern takes on bullet hell shmups from the past it’s always interesting to see an OG cla...
Curse of the Dead Gods Banner
Curse of the Dead Gods
Roguelikes have exploded in popularity in the past few years, with games like Dead Cells and Hades showing the way the l...
With its visual flair, dystopian world, and what appeared to be a penchant for tense and violent action, Ruiner has been...
Lonely Mountains: Downhill Banner
Lonely Mountains: Downhill
If there was a major genre on Switch to argue may be the worst represented, whether AAA titles or indies, it could be sp...
Bloodroots Banner
This is a title that got me excited the first time I saw it in a Nindie Direct and that I was even more thrilled with wh...
Risk of Rain 2 Banner
Risk of Rain 2
Having played both the original Risk of Rain and the Early Access version of this sequel on PC I’m pretty well-acquainte...
Hotline Miami Collection Banner
Hotline Miami Collection
Shadow dropped as a surprise this year, Hotline Miami was one of those indie darling titles that had shocked me continui...
This War of Mine: Complete Edition Banner
This War of Mine: Complete Edition
Combine this somewhat bleak situation with survival game mechanics and you get a very interesting take on the genre, one...
Into the Breach Banner
Into the Breach
Coming from the people behind the infamous FTL (which somehow still isn't on Switch), this bite-sized strategy title wor...
Overcooked! 2 Banner
Overcooked! 2
Starting with the basics you’ll be playing the part of a chef who is trying to prepare what becomes a variety of dishes ...
Ikaruga Banner
Though it's a carry-over from the previous generation there's still no other space shooter quite like Ikaruga. Not only ...
Don't Starve: Nintendo Switch Edition Banner
Don't Starve: Nintendo Switch Edition
Starting out the game with only the game’s main character Wilson as an option you’ll find yourself dropped into the wild...
Falling Out Banner
Falling Out
While there’s no doubt that the gameplay is Spelunky-inspired, the option for co-op play and a slightly milder challenge help it shine
Trek to Yomi Banner
Trek to Yomi
Despite its action mostly being on the middling side, the game’s artistic style and story make it a compelling experience
The Oregon Trail Banner
The Oregon Trail
The educational classic, with a few upgrades of note, remains challenging and more insightful than ever
No Place for Bravery Banner
No Place for Bravery
Among the things there are also no place for in this title: Lack of skills, and unwillingness to be patient
Inertial Drift Banner
Inertial Drift

While some people prefer their racing to be a bit rough around the edges, banging around turns and defying any sense ...

Hyper Shapes Banner
Hyper Shapes
Feeling like a mix of Flat Heroes and Just Shapes and Beats, Hyper Shapes keeps it simple but challenging
RIVE: Ultimate Edition Banner
RIVE: Ultimate Edition

While I can't emphasize the level of challenge Rive will present to you enough for people who relish the experien...

TEN Banner
Ah, challenging games… they’re a love them or hate them affair depending on how much you like having a compulsion to lau...
Card Shark Banner
Card Shark
Bless the indie developers who are determined to take ideas that may sound a bit crazy in concept and run with them, rev...
Super Impossible Road Banner
Super Impossible Road
Rolling onto the scene and feeling like the marriage of Super Monkey Ball, a futuristic racer, and an exercise in calcul...
Klang 2 Banner
Klang 2
When it comes to music and rhythm games there are those titles that take a familiar road, often mapping buttons to speci...
Dandy Ace Banner
Dandy Ace
While I’ve been a fan of roguelikes for quite some time it’s only been in the past few years with top-tier titles the li...
Eldest Souls Banner
Eldest Souls
For me, Eldest Souls is a bit of a pleasant surprise. You see, whenever I see any game that’s tough and is in any way im...
Super Meat Boy Forever Banner
Super Meat Boy Forever
Fans of one of the OG teeth-gnashing platforming challenges from the early indie days have been waiting for a number of ...
Evergate Banner
I’d consider Evergate one of those sneaky indies that has a look that gives one impression but whose level of challenge ...
Depixtion Banner
While for many years the Picross series has sat safely at the top of its own puzzle kingdom, seeing threats from other c...
Blasphemous Banner
From first glance during a Direct there was no question that Blasphemous, visually, was something pretty special. With a...
Creature in the Well Banner
Creature in the Well
With Creature in the Well there’s just so much to like and appreciate. The art style is distinct and interesting, the mi...
Mechstermination Force Banner
Mechstermination Force
Mechstermination Force is a pretty tight and enjoyable retro sci-fi robot stomping party… though it will typically take ...
Caveblazers Banner
On the whole Caveblazers is a ton of challenging fun and currently has no direct competition on the Switch. If you can g...
Joggernauts Banner
As a party game your job will be to coordinate as you’re trying to get your aliens through a gauntlet of differently-col...
Runner3 Banner
Taking it all in, scoring this game for a general audience is a challenge. On the one hand it has a ton of very cool con...
Light Fall Banner
Light Fall
When Light Fall is firing on all cylinders it feels absolutely incredible, and it’s easy to see where it will be terrifi...
Clustertruck Banner
While endless runners have become a pretty popular genre you'll find that they're almost always in 2 dimensions. This is...
Darkest Dungeon Banner
Darkest Dungeon
Fans of tough games have no doubt already heard plenty about this dark and difficult RPG experience with a roguelike unp...
Furi Banner
This was a tough title to find a genre for since it isn't so much of a strict beat-em-up as a tough-as-nails boss rush t...
The End Is Nigh Banner
The End Is Nigh
While not as viscerally-satisfying as its older sibling Super Meat Boy, Ash's quest to find cartridges and tumors in his...
Death's Gambit: Afterlife Banner
Death's Gambit: Afterlife

Beneath the veneer of this very attractive side-scrolling Metroidvania-ish action RPG beats the heart of ambition&hel...

GONNER2 Banner

I absolutely adore the original GoNNER but I won’t deny that it’s a love that wasn’t easy to develo...

ibb & obb Banner
ibb & obb

Local co-op games are obviously pretty well-represented on the Switch, and they range from light and silly to pretty ...

Astronite Banner
Delivers some challenging Metroidvania play with a distinctive black-and-white retro look and feel
The Knight Witch Banner
The Knight Witch
Combining Metroidvania concepts with some twin-stick shooting, The Knight Witch swings big… and gets on base
She Wants Me Dead Banner
She Wants Me Dead
Simple lesson: Don’t cross your cat or they’ll set a series of diabolical death traps for you
Moonscars Banner
While it has visual flair, challenging combat mixed with not-so-great mechanics make it “Souls-like” in more ways than one
Jack Axe Banner
Jack Axe

Tough-as-nails platformers have legitimately become a thing over the years, and in my experience with a few exception...

Pinkman+ Banner

While there are an abundance of challenging retro minimalist action platformers out there I don’t find that I o...

Trophy Banner
There’s no question this feels convincingly like an 8-bit-era release, for better or for worse depending on tastes
Circus Electrique Banner
Circus Electrique
Undeniably stylish, cool, and ambitious, the planning and strategy demands it places on you can also be overwhelming
Gearshifters Banner
This is a game that really has me emotionally split in two, making it a challenge to review. On the one hand I absolutel...
Super Magbot Banner
Super Magbot
With as many puzzle platformers as I’ve seen on the Switch it’s always cool to run across one that does things a bit dif...
Sunblaze Banner
While there’s no doubt that the likes of Celeste and Super Meat Boy tend to steal the spotlight when it comes to challen...
Immortal Planet Banner
Immortal Planet
While the label “Souls-like” has gotten to be a bit overused and trite, there’s certainly a market out there for people ...
Fans of challenging and highly strategic turn-based play have had a number of quality picks on the system to choose from...
Devil Engine Banner
Devil Engine
Overall, this is in no way a game for casual shooting fans, it is for hardcore shmup fans who are thirsting for their ne...
The King's Bird Banner
The King's Bird
You play the game as a very nimble young woman capable of some pretty impressive wall-jumping acrobatics but also with a...
Rain World Banner
Rain World
Overall, while there’s no doubt that Rain World is a unique title on Switch it’s also very likely going to be a love / h...
Rogue Legacy Banner
Rogue Legacy
While it hasn’t aged particularly well, especially trying to follow such a strong title as Dead Cells which really took ...
Rise and Shine Banner
Rise and Shine
If you’re a shooting fan who is up to some crazy battles where you’ll need to use your brains as much as your reflexes R...
Salt and Sanctuary Banner
Salt and Sanctuary
All in all Salt and Sacrifice delivers what it set out to do admirably, and for myself the comparisons to the Souls seri...
Jotun: Valhalla Edition Banner
Jotun: Valhalla Edition
All in all Jotun is a gorgeous and well-made game that plays quite well as a boss battle challenge with decent elements ...
Dimension Drive Banner
Dimension Drive
Overall, Dimension Drive isn’t a bad game but its split focus on shooting, precision maneuvering, and to a degree solvin...

If you’re down for some great action filled with pixelated blood and gore Butcher should be right up your alley...


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