Spin Rhythm XD Banner
Spin Rhythm XD
Sporting a ridiculously fitting killer soundtrack, and incredibly satisfying controls, this is a must-have music title
Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical Banner
Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical
Absolutely one of the most original games I’ve played recently, this story-driven affair swings for the fences and somewhat gets there
LOUD: My Road to Fame Banner
LOUD: My Road to Fame

Oh how I love it when great music and rhythm games show up pretty well unannounced to blow me away. While I do wish t...

A Musical Story Banner
A Musical Story
I’ve truly enjoyed the diverse set of indie titles that have come to the Switch under the category of rhythm and music. ...
FUSER Banner
The rise and fall of music titles and their mainstream popularity has always been a bit interesting to watch. Certainly ...
Just Shapes & Beats Banner
Just Shapes & Beats
Possibly one of the more bizarre titles I played in 2018, Just Shapes and Beats pretty well gives away its secret in the...
Thumper Banner

As has been the case with quite a number of games I’ve enjoyed on the Switch to date I would gladly recommend T...

Kine Banner
With its challenging 3D-style puzzling and great jazz soundtrack, Kine simply has its own vibe
Super Beat Sports Banner
Super Beat Sports

Somewhat reminiscent of the Nintendo Rhythm Heaven franchise in places Super Beat Sports consists of 5 pretty differe...

AVICII Invector Banner
AVICII Invector
While there have been quite a few great rhythm games on the Switch, it seems that room will now need to be made for anot...
Melatonin Banner
Keeping things pretty simple in execution, Melatonin delivers on rhythmic fun and challenges
Trombone Champ Banner
Trombone Champ
Delightfully weird and silly, music fans should absolutely have a blast with this, though there’s no doubt it has challenges

Sporting a large and diverse set of tracks that has continued to grow (for free) with additional DLC post launch Supe...

One Hand Clapping Banner
One Hand Clapping

OK, so to start I’ll admit that this isn’t your ordinary game and that’s both a good and a bad thin...

Klang 2 Banner
Klang 2
When it comes to music and rhythm games there are those titles that take a familiar road, often mapping buttons to speci...
Wandersong Banner
Another adventure game that takes its own path when it comes to resolving conflicts in this title you'll play as a bard ...
Lanota Banner
Without a doubt Lanota was a massive surprise for me, as its unassuming presentation and opening levels completely gave ...
Runner3 Banner
Taking it all in, scoring this game for a general audience is a challenge. On the one hand it has a ton of very cool con...
Floor Kids Banner
Floor Kids
Probably the biggest criticism of the game is that, overall, with the exception of maximizing your scores to 5-star ever...
Rhythm Sprout Banner
Rhythm Sprout
With a reasonably-low price point, and a nice variety of musical tracks, this is a humble rhythm winner if you’re ready to be challenged
Lyrica2 Stars Align Banner
Lyrica2 Stars Align

When it comes to music and rhythm games the Switch library has been a real mixed bag, both in terms of gameplay style...

Aerial_Knight's Never Yield Banner
Aerial_Knight's Never Yield

This is one of those titles where I'm a bit torn in terms of how I feel about it. Starting with the positive Neve...

Hexagroove: Tactical DJ Banner
Hexagroove: Tactical DJ
While not everything clicks and it feels like you need to read a user manual worth of instructions, it makes for a unique experience
Soundfall Banner

As a fan of both multiplayer twin-stick shooters and rhythm games, a title that tries to find the sweet spot where th...

Beat Souls Banner
Beat Souls

This is a bit of an odd one in my mind, as it is obvious by the game’s name and general feel that it’s su...

Monomals Banner

One thing I typically appreciate in indie games is their willingness to simply be themselves, damn the consequences, ...

Composer World Banner
Composer World
Since it isn’t any sort of game, instead a nifty music-making app, it’s hard to “rate” among its peers
Everhood Banner
As a huge fan of music of all kinds any games that manage to incorporate music and rhythm into the mix tend to catch my ...
No Straight Roads Banner
No Straight Roads
Brash, rebellious, and certainly a bit silly, the two members of the band Bunk Bed Junction you take control of in No St...
Double Kick Heroes Banner
Double Kick Heroes
As a big fan of metal, rhythm games, and zombies this is a title that has been firmly on my radar since I first played i...

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