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Wreckfest Banner
Oh man, where do I begin to properly convey my total love for this title? First and foremost I’ll start with the game’s ...
Super Mega Baseball 3 Banner
Super Mega Baseball 3
Getting right down to it there’s just something about the Super Mega Baseball series that taps into what love and nostal...
Wargroove 2 Banner
Wargroove 2
If you’re a fan of strategy games in the vein of Advance Wars, Wargroove 2 makes an outstanding case for your attention
Circuit Superstars Banner
Circuit Superstars
A love letter to fans of old-school arcade racing with a decent amount of variety in handling across loads of vehicles
Skullgirls 2nd Encore Banner
Skullgirls 2nd Encore
While I’ve consistently heard nothing but great things about Skullgirls from my friends who are massive fighting fans up...
Let me say very clearly that I’ve never been a Dragon Ball Z fan, so I won’t be able to comment on any of the nuance for...
Flat Heroes Banner
Flat Heroes
While it may look visually pretty simple, featuring geometric shapes for the most part and a very clean design, the game...
The Jackbox Party Pack 2 Banner
The Jackbox Party Pack 2

By far I’d consider this the cornerstone of this or any Party Pack Jackbox makes and it is why I inherently con...

Killer Queen Black Banner
Killer Queen Black
After having heard so much about this killer multiplayer arcade title I was interested to see what the fuss was all abou...
The Jackbox Party Pack 7 Banner
The Jackbox Party Pack 7

My family and I have become massive fans of the Jackbox games over time, having played through each party pack at som...

Them's Fightin' Herds Banner
Them's Fightin' Herds
Though its thin overall roster may lack depth, this budget fighter looks and plays great, and has a remarkable Story Mode to boot!
Worms W.M.D Banner
Worms W.M.D

In the end I must say that I’m extremely impressed with the level of care and effort that has been put into mak...

Skydrift Infinity Banner
Skydrift Infinity
One of the subgenres I’ll say I’m most disappointed having seen ride off into the sunset in recent generations is combat...
Crystal Crisis Banner
Crystal Crisis
All in all Crystal Crisis is a game laser-focused on a specific style of play that absolutely delivers a great value wit...
Meow Motors Banner
Meow Motors
When it comes to racing on Switch, there’s no doubt that Mario Kart is the king. The thing is, that’s not necessarily a ...
Duck Game Banner
Duck Game
As long as you’re able to find people to play with whether locally or online Duck Game one of the best multiplayer exper...
Swords and Soldiers 2 Shawarmageddon Banner
Swords and Soldiers 2 Shawarmageddon
While very similar to its predecessor in many ways, this sequel seems a bit more streamlined in terms of the structure o...
As previously while you can generally figure out many of the core basics by simply experimenting a bit a walk through th...
Overcooked! 2 Banner
Overcooked! 2
Starting with the basics you’ll be playing the part of a chef who is trying to prepare what becomes a variety of dishes ...
Windjammers 2 Banner
Windjammers 2
I’ll admit to having a bit of an old school weakness for the weird spectacle that the original Windjammers managed to cr...
Quiplash Banner
I’m so pleased that Jackbox Games has decided to release my absolute favorite game of theirs as a stand-alone title now ...
The Rumble Fish 2 Banner
The Rumble Fish 2
While perhaps not as well-known as its peers, this fighter has technique and variety that will please genre fans
Prodeus Banner
Delivers the old-school looks and thrills of the Doom generation with some smart tweaks but inconsistent level design
Rocket Fist Banner
Rocket Fist

Delivering fast and pretty hectic action Rocket Fist reminds me most of playing Super Bomberman on the SNES and havin...

The Jackbox Party Pack 9 Banner
The Jackbox Party Pack 9
An old favorite and 4 very different games make this pack fun, but as usual not all will probably be a hit for everyone
My Singing Monsters Playground Banner
My Singing Monsters Playground

With release timing that isn’t ideal in such close proximity to the latest Mario Party, and having been let dow...

Trombone Champ Banner
Trombone Champ
Delightfully weird and silly, music fans should absolutely have a blast with this, though there’s no doubt it has challenges
Cuddly Forest Friends Banner
Cuddly Forest Friends
While more hardened gamers will likely want to steer clear this mix of pet sim elements and mini games is a more casual treat
Winter Games 2023 Banner
Winter Games 2023
While not every event is medal-worthy, this game’s 10 Olympic events work surprisingly well and make for fun competition
What the Dub?! Banner
What the Dub?!

There are absolutely some amazing party games out there on the Switch to enjoy with friends, but if you’re on a...

Tumblestone Banner

All said Tumblestone is a very strong contender in the action puzzler space and sets itself apart by not trying to im...

Use Your Words Banner
Use Your Words

Taking the format that the folks at Jackbox pretty well perfected Use Your Words isn't a collection of distinct m...

The Punchuin Banner
The Punchuin
Putting a bit more action than is typical into the puzzle action genre, making for a more hectic experience
Super Arcade Football Banner
Super Arcade Football
With the general lack of options for sporting experiences on the Switch, it’s always great to see a new contender enter ...
Squabble Banner
I’ve stated before that when it comes to local multiplayer games my family has become pretty jaded over time, too often ...
Stick Fight: The Game Banner
Stick Fight: The Game
Oh how perilous the eShop is in the budget category, filled with games that look like they could be promising but with m...
Destrobots Banner
With loads of local multiplayer titles out there on Switch it’s a tough business to find a way to stand out in the crowd...
Knight Squad Banner
Knight Squad
I’ll just put it right out there, while I love the spirit of the movement to bring back local co-op games and the part t...
Super Tennis Blast Banner
Super Tennis Blast
All in all for a budget-friendly price Super Tennis Blast delivers a very solid traditional tennis experience with a bit...
Varion Banner
While there are quite a lot of multiplayer arena shooters to choose from they're often hard to tell apart from one anoth...
GRIP Banner
Combat racing has always been something I've enjoyed and it's also a style of play that's challenging to get right. Whil...
The Jackbox Party Pack 5 Banner
The Jackbox Party Pack 5
Starting with the known quantity You Don’t Know Jack is really where these games originally got started so it’s always g...
Tricky Towers Banner
Tricky Towers
Offering up a mix of iconic tetronimoes with a tower-building mechanic and some real concerns with gravity and your crea...
Blade Strangers Banner
Blade Strangers
Without a doubt the biggest surprise for me was this title from the folks at Nicalis, starting out with a new fighter co...
Pocket Rumble Banner
Pocket Rumble
As a whole Pocket Rumble stands up very well as an extremely budget-friendly fighter that has few frills but delivers wh...
Runbow Banner
While this is a hold-over from the previous generation this multiplayer runner is a lot of fun. Though in principle it's...
In the end I’d consider BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle a pretty impressive fighting game that will easily fill the void left ...
Crawl Banner
Probably one of the most balanced and creative local multiplayer competitive games I've played Crawl does a whole lot ri...
Mantis Burn Racing Banner
Mantis Burn Racing
What absolutely redeems the game for me, and actually what I’d love to see in a sequel, is the Battle Mode that was intr...
Rocket League Banner
Rocket League

As a game that I've already spent well over 2000 hours playing on the PC I'm thrilled that Nintendo fans fina...

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