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Publisher: 7Levels

  • Price: $1.99 $4.99 (60% Off!)
  • Release Date: Mar 14, 2019
  • Number of Players: 1
  • On Sale Through: Feb 9, 2023 [$1.99]
  • Lowest Historic Price: $1.99
  • ESRB Rating: E [Everyone]
  • Starting out things are pretty simple as the game walks you through the basic mechanics. For each puzzle you’ll have a number of cards to choose from that dictate ball movement. These can just represent a plain shot that will move X number of spaces or they can be for a chip shot that will clear Y spaces and then sometimes move an additional Z spaces. The challenge is then to look over the course and determine what sequence of you using those cards in the proper combination will get you safely to the hole. With the puzzles collected in groups as you complete each set new elements will be introduced. Typically you’ll get a grace period of a level or two so you can understand how these new elements work and then the challenge will kick in as different hazards will get put together in a variety of ways. Sand traps stop your progress, water hazards will sink you and then set you up in the last space you came from, mud will stop and then sink your ball, bumpers will redirect you, and the list goes on from there. Careful consideration will need to come into play as you decide which cards to play in what order and some solutions do an excellent job of defying your expectations and requiring some trial and error to figure out, especially as you get further into the game. The rewind feature is quick and easy to use to this end, which makes working through a variety of options very quick and clean without penalty. With clean presentation, a great use of its theme, and some very clever puzzles it’s hard to find much room for fault with Golf Peaks, it absolutely nails the approach and then finishes off brilliantly. About my only complaint would be that when you’re stuck the lack of any provision for a pointer is a shame, even if just to highlight the first card and direction you’ll use in the solution to keep it from giving away too much. Throw this all together with a pretty mellow soundtrack and Golf Peaks is a quality way to spend some time puzzling on the golf course.

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